Silicone Gel Inserts Socks Invisible Height Increase Insole Heel Lift Pads 1inch


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Your height will increase 1 inch after wearing this heel lift pads and nobody will find it even you take off shoes.

Wear height increasing socks under your regular socks for a quick 1 inch increase in height & a boost in your confidence & self-esteem, without letting anyone discover your secret!

Best heel lift sock shields calloused & cracked heels, and helps with bone spurs at the arch, the inflamed tissue of the plantar fascia, absorbs shock, prevents extra pressure on the foot, improves step balance & foot strength!

Durable Material: Height Increase Insole is made of highly elastic silicone, with good elasticity and long wear life. The hollow design at the bottom is more breathable, allowing you to keep cool, dry and odor-free during strenuous exercise, so that your feet remain comfortable, healthy and blisters-free.

Suitable Shoes And Feet: Height Growth Maximize Shoe Inserts are suitable for any high-sleeve shoes, boots, casual shoes, sports shoes, etc., only suitable for adults regardless of gender. Use heel pad inserts with caution in low-top shoes or shoes that do not require socks. It is recommended to wear large size shoes. If the size of the shoes is too small, they will feel squeezed.

Easy To Clean And Repeated Use: The insole can be cleaned quickly and easily, supports washing by washing the phone, and naturally dry in the air after washing. It can be used repeatedly and will not deform. The heightened insole with shock absorption and flexibility can protect the heel and prevent the feet from being worn.

Occasion: Height Increase Insole Shoes is suitable for various situations, for example, you can wear clothes for job interviews, business negotiations, dating and shopping, and even easy to attend parties.

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